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With existing associate firm relationships in London, Asia and the US, iCLAW has a growing network of like minded practices who work with progressive clients at home and around the world to make the law work for them. iCLAW Culliney Partners have executed numerous commercial and private deals both for New Zealand clients and on behalf of their affiliates. Admittedly, it makes for long days and short weekends but the outcome is worth it for those clients needing local knowledge in specific markets.

Owen Culliney

Owen has practiced in some unique areas of the law. He cut his teeth at Harkness Henry on commercial property transactions in the mid 2000s, moving to general practice and rural transactions as the GFC took hold of commercial real estate in 2008. A constant drive for more interesting work and a desire to grow a corporate practice took Owen to an in house role as stand in general counsel (on secondment) in the medico legal space (specialising in documenting the hospital/pharmaco relationship in pharmaceutical trials) and then to James & Wells, Intellectual Property. At James & Wells, Owen grew a corporate and commercial practice focussed on commercialising and monetising intellectual property and with the assistance of Aasha Foley, a bustling property division. Ultimately, Owen sees the law differently. Following a brief partnership at Beattie Rickman, Owen set up iCLaw Culliney | Partners to grow a law firm that focuses on standing beside not just behind its clients and providing prompt, clear and commercially realistic legal advice. With a stable of loyal clients who look to him as a trusted adviser on significant commercial and corporate matters, Owen operates a boutique practice dedicated to seeing New Zealanders with the same drive as he possesses succeed here and overseas. He also oversees the same bustling property practice that both he and Aasha built while at James & Wells and continues to be fully engaged in the medico-legal space.

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